Human Exploring

 Get your story clear!


I'm authentic to myself and my craft!

This is what I seek to inspire and pass onto others. 

How do I Work?

I Listen,  and I ask you a lot of questions.

My questioning helps you see beyond the story you are telling yourself and others. 

If you have a clear picture of what you want, then the rest will fall into place;  

but you have to start with identifying who you are, and what you want; and then you WILL get there!


  • people trying to find their calling in life

  • new career moves / change career

  • make career decisions 

  • just starting a business

  • brainstorm business ideas

  • wanting to start a business

  • need a change, and don't know how to get there

  • need a change, and don't know yet, what it is



Grounded by family and friends and guided by my values: Love, Truth, Connection, Safety,

Health, Fun, and Freedom - These values all lead me to where I need to be.  

Helping others to become happy in their truth, and finding out what their truth is, and motivating the belief that everyone can be the best of who they are - this service, aligns me with who I am.

( Qualified:  Master NLP Coach , Motivational Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coaching,General Life Coach.Communications Specialists. Specialised Career Coaching.)   

Please send a note for costs and enquiries, thank you. 

Who are my clients?

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