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Hi Ladies and Gents! Welcome to my online home! I just want to navigate you through the main sections of this space. I have four areas of focus: 

Inspirational Interviews; this is where you can find interviews with inspiring mothers, artists and entrepreneurs...etc. Mothers with a Mind, this is where you can find out about this service, and book a work/child care session at MwaM!  Motivational Workshops; this is where you will be able to find out about my Values Courses, send enquiries, and make bookings.  The Human Explorer section, is where you can reach me for coaching needs - face to face - if you are in The Netherlands, or via Skype. (I challenge and motivate) 

Press on any of the icons above for direct access, or link via the menu. 

Thanks for clicking into my page!  I hope that, one way or another, I can add value to your life! Don't be shy,  just message me for any enquiries!


Human Explorer

don't coach I ask questions!

I listen, and ask questions, and through this a clear picture starts to emerge. My role on this journey is to inspire people to be true to themselves. Through listening,  my own insight, and intuition, I can help people figure out what they want or need,  and through the stories of others I provide evidence that it can be done!

How are you going about living your truth?

Do you know what connects you with your truth?

Have you ever tried to figure it out?

If you wake up one day and decide that you want to be an actor and act in a Soap Series...

you can, and you will.  If you realise that raising your children is more important than pursuing a career,  you can make this possible.  If you realise you want to become a doctor after already committing to a different path in life, you can, become a doctor. 

If you have an epiphany that the corporate world does not actually align with the person you are, you can, change direction.

If you realise that you really want to have your own business, you can, and you will start one.

make your story awesome

Welcome to

I have always asked a lot of questions so that I can learn and understand.  I need to be able to see a picture in my minds eye, in whatever conversation I'm having. What I'm hearing has to match what I'm seeing in-front of me, and what I am hearing and seeing has to align with what I am feeling inside of me. 

Since my school years, personal development has facinated me. Exploring this world from age 11, has grown my belief that everybody can achieve their idea of personal greatness. 

Throughout my adult life, I have delved into peoples life-stories; owning a recruitment business, hosting talk shows, radio shows, live events, coaching, creating personal development workshops, and even through acting.


I want to know what people do with their lives? Are they doing what they love? Why they do what they do? What connects them with truth?

Through this I have come to realise my love, and strengths lie in the area of Human Exploration and  Human Development. I contribute to this request by creating Inspiring Interviews, Coaching, and Motivating people, Writing self help books (to date - for Teenager girls) and Empowering mothers, through MwaM! to work / do what they love and be with their children  

Grateful Attributes which draw me to my disciplines:

Visionary, Listening, and Asking questions other people don't ask. 


A persons story never fails to inspire me!  




interviewing moms


find out the different choices mothers make with work and career...

A Million Stories...


watch and listen to inspiring stories of 

people doing what they love ; running businesses, starting bakeries, being an artist, becoming rangers...


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