Being a Life Coach...means you have to practice what you preach

Come children or come something else... you have to be what you want to help and encourage others to be what they want to be. Hi guys, my name is Jen Rodd and I am so excited to finally put this blog together to connect with all of you and my Podcast Inspirational Interviews followers, on a personal level. Ahhh - yes I say "guys' meaning... all sexes, ages, races, you name it... my general terms is most often "guys", but it is also "braveheart's". So Fridays is mostly me and this little dude, and it's the way I like it. We all grow so fast. Time flies and before you know it, you are hanging with one hip shorter, moving slower and wondering where the hell you life went. So with a good sense of unexpected hindsight, I try to be there for my children, I have two, as much as I can. I have the privilege of loosing the best person in my life early. My "twin" brother. Got a call one day to say, Ken has been shot and not even my bag was packed did I get the second call to say, "Jen, Ken is dead" That was the end of my life right there. Fuck sakes, are you fucking kidding me! These were not my words at the time. Funny thing when you loose someone you love you actually don't swear. Swearing is something that involves a split second thought before saying it. My reaction when he died had no split second time between the word dead and my reaction. I just screamed "noooooooooooo" and fell into my partners arms. Now I have time to process it, get depressed, be sad be and do all the things I let myself be and do. Interesting. I'ts a choice actually. How we deal with tragedy and trauma. I believe, what separates the weak from the strong is knowledge, support systems and our habits. This is what I think anyway. I'm a Master NLP Certified Life Coach and was known to be the best of the bunch when leaving my time in training. Not sure why. It's not because I was one of the only people who truly suffered a tragedy in my life, of which there are a couple of others in the pocket to pull out if need be. But if I sit now and think why could I have been called out to be the best life coaches at the training at that time, I think its because I truly and innately and deeply believe people have the power to do and be whatever they want to do and be in life, I mean it! If people have the knowledge, the support around them and as I said, the right habits in place. They can make anything happen, and I think I just happen to know in my heart and fibre, how to implement, instil and guide my clients in all three; Knowledge, Support and Habbit's Welcome to a part of my world guys. Forging through with my yoga and meditation, no excuses barred, while slowly but surely my son and his world of cars and plastic fantastic take over my intentions, and eventually my attention! Did I stop, no bloody way. With one eye open for fear of a toy being slammed dunked into my face, I sat there aware, present and just allowing what was... to just be. #lifecoach #nlpcoach #southafrica #gauteng #certifiedcoach #itsalwaysachoice #goodhabits #theeyeofthestorm #loveourchildren #timeflies #hindsight

Need a life coach, perhaps we might be a good fit. I don't mince my words, this business of life and all it's worries and expectations is real! I have travelled a few paths to perhaps be the right match for you. Don't be shy to contact me. I'm a helping magnet, would love to help you too.

Enjoy listening to life stories? Come join me on the other side on my Podcast Show, Inspirational Interviews. Where I interview braveheart's from all over the world, all walks of life who are going out there and making their world a beautiful place to live in.

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