Advice to get unstuck!

Some people run, others talk to a friend .. we all have our own vices to get the clutter out of our heads, to gain perspective on things. I urge you to find one that works for you.

I always wonder how do other moms do it! How do they run businesses sometimes even three, four at a time when they have kids. My head goes completely fuzzy and full with my kids around.

Perhaps because I find it so conflicting to put them on the side line, and this is most often the way it has to work if you want to run companies .. someone has to look after the kids.

This is me right now .. writing to get things clear so that I can do what I need to do with limited time!!

I’ll share my method with you for those that NEED TO GET UNSTUCK or gain clarity on an area in your life

💡💡Get yourself a cheap notebook A4 size and a pen that writes like silk dissolving on a page — no traction! Very important -the type of pen! A cheap one that does this is easy to find.

I literally just write at least three pages a day, and write whatever comes to mind ..totally messy and the angrier I am the more crazy the writing- any thoughts, rambles, wonderings.. all get transformed into ink.

When this happens — the noise goes out of my head and it’s translated into words.

There’s something miraculous about this process-it’s like an automated scrabble program.

Suddenly solid ideas reveal themselves in writing in front of you.

It’s very powerful and transformative when you get the clutter OUT! Most of it, is nonsense revealing itself as fear and anxiety. It’s best to release it onto paper.

The real deal, the proper ideas, the relevant thoughts and the profound feelings become solid words on that scrabble board — and they make a very clear and workable statements.

At this point your energy will change to a feeling of inspiration, clarity and motivation. You’ve got this:)

Guys if you are feeling so stuck that you don't even want to write, then come join me in the studio! I interview people just like you, some famous some not. My guests are just tapping into something that makes them tick and I deconstruct how they got the inspiration, how they got to be where they are today, and really understanding what drives their journey. It will take you right out of your funk! Have a listen now !