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" Reflecting on what is important to me helped me get closer to the real me.

Jeannette asked exactly the right questions to trigger my values and

beliefs on a much deeper level than I thought existed.

Once this was clear to me, it was also clear what my next steps should be.

Both in my professional life and in my private life. Thank you Jeannette!"  

(Deborah Wietzes, Marketing Manager, Commercial Banking ABN AMRO Bank N.V.)

Motivational Workshops

The main focus lies in identifying and clarifying a persons Values and Goals.  

Aligning these both, to a vision and a goal plan.


Workshops are creative, open, fun and deeply insightful.


Healthy delicious food is served throughout the day,

and a well deserved refreshment closes off our time together.


Workshop venues are thoughtfully selected.

They will have a style and elegance about them.  The location is an inspiration unto itself.

Workshops can be given to private groups, individuals, and corporate groups.

A maximum of 6 people per workshop.


"Where people come together, to find clarity, truth and meaning in their life."


You will develop a clear and aligned vision for your immediate, and longer term future.


This is a day just for yourself.

You eat beautiful, healthy food, surrounded by other explorers, and you get in touch with what is real and important to you.

Send a message for costs and inquiries. 

" The workshop was not what I had expected at all.  The whole day was like a river.  When you think it goes straight you take a corner and when you think you'll slow down, you accelerate.  Jen understands the art of asking questions...questions I never knew I could ask myself, and it gave me great insights into my own way of thinking.  The building blocks are your vales and by examining them, I learned where / what to base my decisions on."          

(C.M Vermeulen - Entrepreneur) 

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