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Jen Rodd

I started Inspirational Interviews and A Million Stories...because I just love hearing peoples stories. I want to lift people up and make people see their amazing-ness. To show people that they can “do it”, do that thing that they are good at, dream of, and wish for.

I think the fact that I give so much of my time to hear someones story in its entirety; asking questions, not letting them miss out a section, going into the moments of their lives, feeling it, seeing it again, and almost living their life over again; in a safe space without judgement – opens people up, and makes people feel good about themselves. They see that someone is really genuinely interested in their life.

I believe that hearing peoples stories is the source for all lessons to be learned in life.
When we can identify parallels between our stories and other peoples stories, we feel together, not alone we feel more capable, inspired, one!

I learned from my mother a long time ago; “always give old people your time”. To hear them out, to hear their stories, and to listen to what they want to tell you about their day. I realised its not just old peoples stories that I want to listen to and give the time to, but everyone’s story. From my dad, I learned, to listen, to pay attention and to be alert, and to remember.
I am not interested in interviewing people because they are important (in society). I am interested in people who want to share, open up from the heart, give.

I think that by giving someone the space to tell their story thoroughly, creates a mirror effect, and they see patterns and habits through their lives. This becomes inspirational for creating change where patterns reveal themselves. Or, otherwise indeed, not changing, what they see has worked in their lives; that perhaps the patterns of “madness”, even though they create an element of chaos, are in fact, what keeps them alive, excited, and interested in life. Its so nice to experience these discoveries with people. To share in their achievements and joy, and yes also to share in their sadness too.

Stories are just so beautiful and the connection with the person sharing their story with me, makes me feel alive.

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