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Jen's Background

Schooled at The Wykeham Collegiate private all girls school in Natal. 

Played provincial hockey, squash and athletics

Attended Stellenbosch University - studied Sports Science

Business and Computer Science - University College

Certified Master NLP Practitioner. Life & Motivational Coach, Hypnotherapist.

Self Studied Nutritional Advisor.

Meisner Actor

Presentation Skills Group Trainer. 

YAI Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Coach

South Africa

First Job:

Worked @ the Health and Racquet as an Advisor & Sales Consultant. 
Second Job:

Trainer @ Corporate Communication Skills - teaching interpersonal skills, communication skills, presentation skills & personality profiling 
Third Job:

Engineering Recruitment Consultant @ The Personnel Concept

Explore the world - Moved to London
Fourth Role : 

[I quit being an employee]

Started my own business at 24 yrs old


An International  REC Award Winning Engineering Recruitment Company.

(fastest growing recruitment business in South West England) 

A successful eight years


Fell in love and Moved to Amsterdam 

got married and became a mom. 

Fifth Role : 

[Started to follow a lifelong dream]

Life Coaching, Talk Show Hosting & Acting 

Radio Talk Show Host & Interviewer @ Amsterdam FM
Actress on South African Television's - Scandal! Television Show 

Talk Show Host at IDFA Documentary Film Festival

Life Coach at my own firm - THE JEN RODDD Life School -  a Life Coaching Practice 

Sixth Role
Started my own Talk Show - A Million Stories. Online and Live Shows


Seventh Role

Started Mothers With a Mind, A business supporting young mothers in business 

Eighth Role

Started a Podcast Show, Find it here: Inspirational Interviews  


Covid etc...Moved Back To South Africa to support my Parents 

Currently & To Be Continued... 
Producing, hosting & managing Inspirational Interviews Podcast Show
Started THE YOGA RETREAT - A Yoga Studio in Sandton - teaching yoga and hosting yoga retreats

Life Coach

Currently setting up a sustainable yoga clothing brand. 




"Sometimes we have to live a whole life to discover truth. Or we have an unexpected moment in time that changes the way we see life forever.

For me, it was the latter. 


In the moment of receiving the call from my mother to say "Jen, Ken is dead" a wave of bright white energy struck through me, a message if you will. I understood in that moment with every part of my being, that love is the only thing that matters.

I was 31 years old when my brother died, he was 33. I lived in The Netherlands at the time. With a successful international entrepreneurial career behind me already, and an ambitious dream infront of me, I knew that actually NONE of it mattered, Only Love! 
I mention this because, it is the story in my life, that changed my life forever.

It plays a role in every single decision I make, every day. It is who I am now!

I have always been quite driven. I laugh out loud.  I'm a confident person, a peoples person. I make friends wherever I go, and I succeed at most things I put my mind to.  I played provincial sports growing up, I made the first team in whatever sport I was dedicated to. Acting debating, choir... I did it all. 

It comes across irritating and perfect, but no one is perfect, and we all know this. It's not our accolades that make us strong, its facing the music when the stakes are high. What makes us perfect is getting out there and being brave when every cell in our body says no!! and we do it anyway.  Perfection has no priority, it's a feeling, a taste, a sight, a sense of existence. Perfection is happiness.  

I generally do think about other people, and how, or what I do, or say, will affect them.

I dress well, I eat well, and I look after my body. I am a pretty good and dedicated mother who says the "F" word probably way more than I should! 

I doubt myself a lot, and often underplay my strengths and qualities.

The funny thing is, I doubt myself the most when I sit back and overthink my next move, or when I sit back, and don't go out there and do what I do best! In my feeling, that's Helping and Teaching others to be the best of themselves! 

 I challenge myself way more than I should, and I am truly my own worst critic. 

I don't have a lot of time for the"feel sorry for myself" characters in life. 

I believe in identifying the issue and then making a plan! Not being a psychologist but a life coach, I believe that instead of talking and talking about the same story, let's identify the gaps, the issues and the obstacles and heartaches, and let's make changes and move forward. I do truly believe this, and I believe in people, and I see the light in each person's story! 


This said, I have had the pleasure of lodging in a psychiatric ward for a whole week once in my life.

 I know what it feels like to lose my mind, and to not see my own light. I know how it feels to be lost and to be truly vulnerable and scared.

I know now, that freedom is not money or power or the size of your house or car. 

Freedom is the relationship you have with your Mind, your Body and your Soul. It is the relationship you have with others. 
I understand that to lose your mind, to get to a place where you are totally lost, and disconnected with yourself and others - this is the ultimate captivity. 

My biggest challenge in life is juggling motherhood with my own personal dreams! 

The choice of not working full time,  frustrates me, angers me, and can even confuse me.  There is so much I want to do, but I feel I never have enough time. 

In gratitude, going back to the very first paragraph, knowing that love is the only thing that matters, it is ingrained in my heart and my actions. I know I will never get back this time again with my children, and I am inspired to continually find ways within this triangle of family, career, and personal interests. 

I am, and have always been excellent in asking questions and getting people to share their story with me. My husband believes it's because I don't judge what people do, or say. I suppose it's true. Nothing much shocks me either.

A funny story, I ended up staying with two nudists in Australia. They were my boyfriend's distant relatives. We were going touring in Australia and his family (his aunt and uncle's house) would be our first stop.  I got to Australia before my boyfriend did, flying out direct from South Africa, and my boyfriend arriving three days later direct from London. 

Jet-lagged on my first morning in a lovely apartment in Sydney Harbour, Paula, the auntie, woke me up. With a high pitched yet strong voice "good morning" she bellowed into my room, and there in the doorway, she was standing, completely butt naked!
I said good morning back, most politely, got dressed and proceeded to the kitchen and there was uncle Barry, her husband, was sitting at the table reading the newspaper, also butt-naked! 

In this most apparently awkward moment, sitting on the other side of the world with these complete nudist strangers, it still surprises me today when I share this story, that I do not run as quick as I could.
I just accepted this couple for who they were, and bared witness to their naked fetishes! Crazy enough, when my boyfriend arrived their clothes stayed on, as if everything I experienced in those three days, was a figment of my imagination.
  Why am I telling you this? Well because I think it's a free world and people can do, and be, whatever they want to. 

As long as they are not causing harm to anyone or anything, then I say,

go for it!! 
It appears that I have been like this for much of my life, and this is why I believe that people like to share everything with me. Including old naked bodies, crazy, vulnerable, beautiful, and weird life stories.

It's ok to be you in front of me. 

People can share anything with me, and most of the time, in just five minutes of meeting them, they do. 

I don't have much time for small talk, and to be quite frank, I avoid it at all costs! 
I have a deep internal drive for understanding the reasons for everything in life. 


I am always up for fun, a seriously deep conversation, a glass of wine, and on the extreme end, a silent retreat away from the world with no-one else around me, where I feel completely in my place, on a yoga mat in a warrior pose or deep meditation.  

I am always driven by love, purpose, meaning and truth, and I go about my life, relationships, and professional life in search of all these values.

I know, and I have experienced it, that things can get really dark and weird in life.
We need each-other, we need support, we need to share our stories and we need to know ourselves the most. Above all, we need love from others, and we need to love others back. 
We need to do what we love, and we need to love ourselves. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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Jen Rodd Career Coach in South Africa, The Karoo
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