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hoTRodds are Super Cool, sustainable and fun skin tights! You can strut your stuff, be you, be bold, be quiet or be seen. You decide! You can do this in the Yoga studio, walking the dog, doing a few things in the house, fetching some things from the store, or moving into high gear in the gym.  

hoTRodds invite every woman to go out into their world with confidence, vulnerability and control.


The beauty of hoTRodds

Gorgeous to look at, feels amazing -like an extension of you - and ECO FRIENDLY ! 

- Super Comfortable and cozy for the whole day if you wish.
- Low Impact Support / Elastic free
- Minimal seams
- Sustainably sourced from recycled plastic
- Flattering fit on all body types
- 80% Recycled Poly, 12% Spun Poly, 8% Spandex or 79% PET & 21% Elastane

The Feeling - is just generally so comfortable  - non irritating or itching. 

- Provide a 360°way stretch / four way stretch

Prints are one of a kind, designed by hand



Jen Rodd has been inspiring women all around the world for the last two decades. Not by word, but by action. Jen believes that you can achieve whatever it is that you set your heart and mind to.

Add some Self belief, Confidence and the willingness to be vulnerable - to fall back, maybe knock your head a few times, and you have everything you need to get started, and get momentum.  With the right attitude, a little bit of luck and universal intervention, you can make your dream a reality. First, you have to try. 


Her desire to inspire has been channeled through all her childhood visions - Talk Shows & Podcast Shows, Yoga Teaching, Acting on Television Soaps, Canvas Paintings, Recruitment Businesses, Businesses supporting Mothers and Children, Private one-one Coaching, Healthy living advisory, Fashion and Design.  

Listening to her heart, seeing the world around her, and responding to all the signs of the universe is what steers Jen in the right direction. Her family and friends are always at the helm. 



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