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Yoga & Meditation Classes

I work with small groups, a maximum of four people in a class. 

I offer Power Yoga Classes, Flow Yoga Classes, and a more Relaxed Hatha Yoga Class.

I also tailor make a class to suit your needs. We will have a one-one consultation to start and asses what your goals are, perhaps what injuries you have or had in the past. Overall we will assess what your mind, body and soul needs to live a beautiful and balanced life. 

Then we will design a program to suit the vision and ambition. 

Classes always begin with a Body Scan & Chakra Alignment. With each student quietly, setting their own Intention for their practice. Each class Holistically nurtures, the Mind, Body and Soul. The Yoga Class creates a sense of Unity with Self, and Unity with your fellow Students if you are in a group class or workshop.  

Classes are Personal and also Fun, Healing, Powerful,  Peaceful, and depending on the class, Deeply Relaxing. 

I work on an appointment only basis. Come and meet with me / Call me, together we can assess what will suit you, your body and overall health. 

Enquire now to see which class is suitable for you.  

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