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"Hi, I'm Jen Rodd, a mother, biographical interviewer, motivational coach, author, (once upon a time)actress, entrepreneur, and home maker (I love being home and spending time with my children and my husband). Every now and then I report for various Television networks.


Deep down, I'm still that small town girl from South Africa. I spent most of my

young adult life, in an girls boarding school in Pietermaritzburg, I loved it!

I participated in every sport there was on offer. Playing National hockey and squash.

Meanwhile back home, I would be running around town, kicking ass at marbles with all the neighbourhood kids, swinging from the trees branches with my brother's, climbing mountains, swimming in the dams, and cracking up jokes with all my friends.  


Now, I guess you could say, I am a hearty blend of the rustic African bush veld,

and the arty-chic cosmopolitan city life - where I have been starting businesses since I was 24 years old, I host my own Podcast show- Inspirational Interviews, hosting and presenting live, radio, and on-line talk shows, acting on television, helping people figure their life out, and creating these beautiful motivational coaching workshops. 

I love helping people, and I LOVE peoples life stories.
I love showcasing people's achievements, and making dreams come true, and here we are."  


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